A Better Way to Smoke

Are you looking for a way to continue smoking without all the negative side effects you hate?

Are you looking to be able to smoke where you used to, like bars, restaurants, hotels, or even your own home?

Are you sick of smelling like smoke and having everything you own smell like smoke?

Are you sick of having to find a place to smoke where you won't be bothering others with your second hand smoke?

All of these things are now possible and the best part is you don't have to give up smoking!

With an Electronic Cigarette you can continue to enjoy smoking without the side effects you hate

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a fairly new device that acts like a regular cigarette but does not have most of the negative side effects that you want to eliminate. Many electronic cigarettes still look like a tradition cigarette and still give you the same enjoyable feeling of smoking that you have grown to love but without everything you have grown to hate.

Instead of burning tobacco and thousands of other chemicals like you do every time you smoke a traditional cigarette and ecig heats up a nicotine solution to a high enough temperature to the point where it produces vapor. You inhale this vapor like you would smoke, but it is not smoke.

So what will I be smoking or inhaling?

Well, technically you will not be "smoking" anything. You will be inhaling and exhaling vapor. The vapor that is produced is the same type of vapor that you see from a fog machine with flavoring and Nicotine added. The vapor that you exhale does not have a smell or a strong lingering odor like a regular cigarette. There are a handful of ingredients in an electronic cigarette compared to thousands of chemicals found in a regular cigarette. Since there is no smoke there is also no second hand smoke.

Even though there is no smoke, will I still have to use it in designated smoking areas?

No. Electronic Cigarettes do not fall under the smoking ban since there is no tobacco and they produce no actual smoke. You can enjoy your Ecigarette anywhere that you would like and since there is no second hand smoke you will not be bothering others.

Sounds great. It must be expensive huh?

That is the other great thing about electric cigarettes. It is way cheaper to use an ecigarette than to continue buying traditional cigarettes. You can usually find a starter kit that is cheaper than a carton of cigarettes. If you are really serious about switching to ecigs it is probably a good idea to get a starter kit that will include everything you need. Once you get your start up kit the cartridges that provide the flavored nicotine are way cheaper than cigarettes and the savings in the long run will be huge.

So where do I get one

There are lots of places that sell Electronic Cigarettes. We have done a lot of research to find some of the best places and best models. We will also continue to search for more good suppliers of Ecigs.

The VapSmoke list of recommended suppliers of Electronic Cigarettes.